let’s move to some farmhouse and engage ourselves in harvesting of thoughts and emotions in such a creative way that the hunger, the thirst and the para physical diseases of today’s human beings can be handled with.



Away from crackers and Bells

Words have great power,… banana leaves ,coconut , elephant , conch,shahanai etc.Words do not merely express their literal meaning ,they have their cultural meanings too.A few words i mentioned above,belong to festivals also .Togetherness itself has a spirit of festival.When we ,the like-minded people, get together,festivals happen to exist automatically.It is a wonderful experience of the warmth of human existence.

Drishti and drishya

The influence of surroundings upon one’s creativity is well known.The ground of creativity is quite different from the superficial involvement in mechanical routine life of a creative personality.A ‘takingĀ  away’ space is required for creative activities.

let’s realise

Our thinking process and feelings are on a different ground( state of mind ) when we are in a creative mood and mode.For the sake of creations, we have to stay on that ground as long as we can.Here comes our well-discussed Resort to take care of such a state of mind and soul.


let’s work hard to fulfill our dreams.a team work is must to chase our dreams vigorously.

we need people.we have to choose people .this selection and adoption is not a matter of

single shot done at once.hereĀ  we realize the role of consistency for any substantial enterprise.